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Young and raring to go. Never still, never ordinary. The Alto is just like you. One look, and you will know it’s designed to express your style. Its overall driving experience connects with the fun side of you by bringing alive the joy and excitement when you are behind the wheels. Simply put, it’s easy, compatible and built around you. So, take it out for a spin. And experience an exhilarated lifestyle as it takes you ahead of the curve.


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    • Engine
    • Transmission
      6-Speed AT
    • Drive Train
      Front Wheel Drive
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Wheels
      Polished alloy wheels

    • Front Grille
      Exclusive front bumper and grille
    • Door Handles
      Body coloured
    • Headlamps
      ​LED projector
    • Fog Lamps

    • Steering Wheel
      Leather covered Sports type
    • Information Display
      4.2-inch colour LCD
    • Bluetooth
    • Touchscreen
    • MP3 Compatible CD PLayer
    • USB Port
    • Upholstery
      Sport exclusive fabric
Model Retail Price
Suzuki Alto $11,100

The Suzuki Alto comes standard with a 4 year / 60 000 km Service Plan and a 5 year / 200 000 km Promotional Warranty. For the best Suzuki experience, your Suzuki Alto must be serviced once every twelve months or every 10 000 km, whichever comes first.


1.4 Turbo MT 1.4ℓ
1.4 Turbo AT 1.4ℓ


1.4 Turbo MT 6.1ℓ/100KM
1.4 Turbo AT 6.1ℓ/100KM


1.4 Turbo MT 6-Speed MT
1.4 Turbo AT 6-Speed AT


1.4 Turbo MT 103/5 500 (kW/r/min)
1.4 Turbo AT 103/5 500 (kW/r/min)


1.4 Turbo MT 230/2 500 - 3 500 (kW/r/min)
1.4 Turbo AT 230/2 500 - 3 500 (kW/r/min)

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    The third generation Alto comes with a compact 1.4 BOOSTERJET direct injection turbo engine. The intercooled turbocharger forces pressurised air into cylinders and enables the engine to maximise torque in the low engine rev range, even at 2500 rpm. The wastegate valve controls turbo boost pressure by opening or closing the gate, dramatically quickening response and lowering fuel consumption. The Alto's CO2 emissions are 141g/km.


    The new Alto weighs 1185 kg (90 kg lighter than its predecessor). Its reduced weight translates into a meaningful power-to-weight ratio of 106.2 kW per tonne. The body of the new Alto is also more rigid, helping drivers to maintain steering control at any speed. The suspension system has been dramatically enhanced to provide clear feedback regarding road and traction conditions. The braking system too is refined and reinforced to cope with the higher power and speed. Together with chassis and suspension performance, these factors set the tone for a sporty and exhilarating drive.


    The Alto’s HEARTECT Platform features a high-rigidity frame to enhance collision safety and heighten driving performance, while its light 1185 kg weight advances driving stability. Monroe® front struts and rear shock absorbers were adopted for the suspension system, while the stabiliser was exclusively adapted for better axle support. Suzuki’s safety technology supports you in emergency situations, while our convenient utility features provide ample luggage and storage space.


    The smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission maximises the performance of the compact turbo engine. Shifting is sporty, with just the right resistance, thanks to short shift strokes and the adoption of a third-gear, double-cone synchroniser. The six-speed automatic transmission with optimised gear ratios enables brisk acceleration and sporty performance. Paddle shifters make shifting quick at your fingertips.

Suzuki’s hottest hatchback in Kenya

The third-generation Alto’s interior got a facelift with striking, bold red accents. Its short, wide stance is muscular and dynamic, creating a sensation of acceleration. The exclusive semi-bucket seats and well-placed pedals will give you maximum control while driving.

Touchscreen with Reverse Camera

Superior Torque-to-Weight Ratio

LED Projector Headlamps and DRL



Your car is an extension of you. Take a look at our wide range of car accessories to personalise your Suzuki - making your car suit your needs, taste and personality.


The product images shown on this website may represent the range or product for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product available in Kenya. The product specifications and accessories may vary for Kenyan availability from time to time. Please enquire with your dealer for exact specifications, accessories and colour availability.


hood decal Black Part No. 99230-68R00-101 Grey Part No. 99230-68R00-102

side decal Black Part No. 99230-68R10-101 Grey Part No. 99230-68R10-102

fender decal Black Part No. 99230-68R20-101 Grey Part No. 99230-68R20-102

pillar decal Black Part No. 99230-68R30-101 Grey Part No. 99230-68R30-102

door mirror cover Burning Red Pearl Metallic (ZWP) right side Part No. 84718-52R40-ZWP Burning Red Pearl Metallic (ZWP) left side Part No. 84728-52R40-ZWP

GOLD EMBLEM ‘SWIFT’ Part No. 99239-53R00-000

gold emblem Part No. 99239-53R10-000

GOLD EMBLEM ‘SUZUKI’ Part No. 99239-53R30-000

GOLD EMBLEM ‘S’ rear Part No. 99239-53R20-000

Center cap yellow 990E0-61M70-ZFT_53R00-ZFT

Wheel bolt cover Part No. 990E0-61M70-ZFT

door visor Part No. 99120-53R00-000

fuel lid opener Part No. 99237-53R00-000

rear hatch moulding Part No. 990E0-53R22-000

door handle escutcheon Part No. 99126-53R00-000

Door handle cover 990E0-53R48-000

valve cap set Part No. 990E0-19069-SET

wheel locks “SICUSTAR” Part No. 990E0-59J47-000 “SICURIT” Part No. 990E0-59J49-000

floor mat set Part No. 75901-68RA0-000

Side sill scuff Part No. 990E0-68R60-000 Part No. 990E0-68R60-001

console box armrest Part No. 9914G-53R10-000

air conditioner filter Part No. 99250-53R00-000

cargo tray Part No. 990E0-53R15-000

cargo mat Part No. 990E0-68R40-000

cargo organiser Part No. 990E0-53R21-000

anti slip inlay Part No. 990E0-53R20-000


cigarette lighter Part No. 39400-59J00-000

ashtray Part No. 89810-86G10-5PK

bumper loading edge protection foil Black Part No. 990E0-53R57-000 Transparent Part No. 990E0-53R57-001

inner loading edge protection Part No. 990E0-53R52-000

rear seat protective cover Part No. 990E0-79J44-000

parking sensors Part No. 990E0-68P53-020

multi roof rack Part No. 78901-53R00-000

roof box “Certo 410” Part No. 990E0-62R43-000 “Certo 460” Part No. 990E0-59J43-000

roof rack storage bag Part No. 990E0-79J91-000

bicycle carrier "giro af" Part No. 990E0-59J20-000

bicycle carrier "giro speed" Part No. 990E0-59J21-000

ski carrier "mckinley" Part No. 99000-990YT-106

ski carrier "everest" Part No. 99000-990YT-107

Suzuki sport decal, rear Blue Part No. 99230-68R80-001

Suzuki sport decal, side, Blue Part No. 99230-68R70-001

Suzuki sport decal, hood. Blue Part No. 99230-68R60-001

Body decal set “sport” Blue. Part No. 990E0-68R92-BLU

Suzuki sport side sill scuff Part No. 99142-53R30-000

SUZUKI SPORT Emblem Part No. 9923A-68R30-001